2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Master's Degree Requirements

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Unclassified Status

Students anticipating acceptance into a degree-granting program may register for only six semester hours of graduate coursework without approval of the associate dean of engineering. There is no guarantee that any hours taken before acceptance will count toward a degree. An application for graduate study should be submitted as soon as possible to ensure that courses taken are compatible with degree requirements. Performance in graduate courses taken before acceptance to a graduate program does not change admission requirements.

Conditional Admission

Students may be admitted to a program based on successfully completing the conditions specified in their acceptance letter.  The acceptance letter will normally detail required prerequisite courses and grades required to be fully admitted to the program.  If the conditions are not met, the student will not be allowed to continue in the program.


Each student accepted into a master's program is assigned an academic advisor. A change of academic advisor is permissible upon request of the student. The academic advisor shall be a member of the program faculty and be approved by the department chair or program director, and the associate dean of engineering. The academic advisor will assist the student in preparing a plan of study.

Plan of Study

A student must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate work. The specific courses should be itemized and approved on a Plan of Study form to be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Engineering, prior to registration for the tenth graduate semester hour (excluding transfer credits), or before registration for the third semester. It is the student's responsibility to obtain approval from the academic advisor for any changes made to the plan of study and to submit to the academic advisor all deletions and additions in writing before the fourth week of the student's final semester. The plan of study and any amendments must be approved by the student's academic advisor, the department chair or program director, and the associate dean of engineering.

Transfer of Credit

Up to six semester hours, or the equivalent, of graduate studies outside the University of Dayton may be accepted toward the master's degree. The transfer credit must be of B or higher grade level, cannot have been used to satisfy the requirements of an undergraduate degree, and must be verified by an official transcript from the granting institution. It is the responsibility of the student to have the transcript(s) sent to the Office for Graduate Admission and Processing.


Each student whose plan of study requires a thesis must prepare it in accordance with the format outlined in the University of Dayton's guide to creating and submitting a thesis or dissertation.  This guide can be found at http://libguides.udayton.edu/etd. The thesis must be based on the student's own work. Joint authorship is not permitted. The thesis advisor is responsible for supervising and approving the work, and assisting in forming the thesis committee and scheduling a defense. The thesis advisor may or may not be the academic advisor. The thesis defense may be either oral or written or both. The thesis must be presented to and approved by a committee of at least three members, at least two of whom are on the graduate faculty. The committee must receive the thesis at least one week prior to an oral defense. No student shall be allowed to defend the thesis more than twice.

A pass/fail grade will be assigned to the quality of the work. A final approved copy of the thesis is due in the Office of the Dean of Engineering no later than one week before graduation.

Time Limit

All requirements for a master's degree must be satisfied within seven calendar years from the time of matriculation.