2019-2020 Academic Catalog

Institute for Pastoral Initiatives -Marianist


IPM 220. Marianist Studies: Founders of the Marianist Family. 1 Hour

Historical context and life of Father William Joseph Chaminade and other Marianist founders, especially Adele de Batz de Trenquelleon and Marie Therese de Lamourous.

IPM 221. Community. 1 Hour

Exploration of the key theological principles for understanding the meaning and formation of community within the Marianist spirit.

IPM 222. Marianist Studies: Spirituality. 1 Hour

Examination of the cultivation of a life of prayer informed by Marianist spiritual traditions, particularly the role of Mary and the commitment to permanent Marianist mission.

IPM 223. Marianist Studies: Prayer. 1 Hour

MARIANIST STUDIES: PRAYER An exploration of Father William Joseph Chaminade's methods and practices of prayer with insights for individual and group prayer.

IPM 224. Marianist Studies: Social Justice. 1 Hour

An exploration for integrating the insights of Father William Joseph Chaminade with the realities of modern life in envisioning a Marianist approach to social change for the twenty-first century.

IPM 225. Marianist Studies: Leadership. 1 Hour

Exploration of how to integrate excellent leadership skills with goals and principles of the Marianist mission. Designed for those invited to hold leadership roles in the Marianist family.

IPM 226. Marianist Studies: Charism. 1 Hour

Exploration of the concept of charism focusing on the Marianist charism. Emphasis on the principles and practices of Marianist spirituality, the Marianist apostolate and its importance in forming Marianist life, and the real and potential impact of the Marianist mission on the wider Church and global community.

IPM 227. Marianist Studies: Education. 1 Hour

Advanced course in Marianist education based on a basic understanding of the Characteristics of Marianist Education (CMEs). Emphasis on the manner in which Marianist education interweaves instruction with development of persons committed to Fr. Chaminade's mission to educate in the faith and to multiply Christians.

IPM 228. Marianist Studies: Mary. 1 Hour

Survey of the roles Mary has which make her a model for believers to follow: believer, prophet, God-bearer/mother, disciple, and companion. Special attention is given to the events of her life and the life of her son Jesus. Prerequitie(s): (IPM 220, IPM 221) or permission of instructor.