2018-2019 Academic Catalog

Experiential Program


EXP 101. Experential Program. 0-12 Hours


EXP 102. Experential Programs. 0-12 Hours


EXP 103. Experential Program. 0-12 Hours


EXP 104. Lean Six Sigma. 0-12 Hours

EXP 105. Experiential Program China Institute. 0 Hours

This experiential learning program is for students enrolled in the UD China Institute study abroad semester. This course will allow students to transcript and reflect on their experiences job shadowing and completing project work in a business setting. Students will identify learning outcomes and reflect on those learning outcomes through a final paper from a multi-cultural perspective.

EXP 106. EXP STEM Stories. 0 Hours

EXP 200. El Salvador Immersion. 0 Hours

This course travels to El Salvador for 1-2 weeks during the intersession to learn from in-country experts about the history of the country and pressing contemporary issues related to gender, migration, human rights, transforming faith traditions, social conflict, state violence and justice, and cultural change. In addition to attending presentations and meetings, students will participate in a homestay experience and speak with ordinary people coming from various backgrounds and experiences.

EXP 201. Cross-cultural Immersion to India. 0 Hours

The India Immersion truly offers an in-depth look at the people and culture of India. Hosted by the Marianists, the students and a reflection leader will stay in Ranchi in the north of India. There, they will see and interact with the Marianist’s REDS program (Ragpickers Education and Development Scheme), the Marianist Sisters and their health clinic, the Chaminade Rural Development Program, schools, novitiates, and cultural sites. Then the group will spend time with the Marianists in the south, in Bangalore. They will work with the REDS program there, as well as play schools, job training centers and more religious and cultural site. The trip will include a visit to New Delhi and the Taj Mahal as well. Options for travel onto to Calcutta are also possible. If you are looking for a truly immersive experience into India as well as learning more about the Marianists and Marianist spirituality and leadership, this is the trip for you!.

EXP 202. Cross-cultrual Immersion to Guatemala. 0 Hours

Students and a reflection leader spend time learning the Spanish language while immersing themselves in the culture of Guatemala in Quetzaltenango, commonly known as Xela. Students on this immersion stay with host families while learning Spanish at a local language school. The language study on this trip is intensive, involving one-on-one study, for approximately five hours a day. Weekend excursions include trips to natural spas, volcanoes, and the beach. This experience offers a great combination of immersion and education, while reflecting on the differences between culture, religion, and politics of Guatemala and the United States. Credit hours in Spanish can be earned through the Department of Languages.

EXP 300. Global Flyers Oxford Program. 0 Hours

Experiential learning program designed to advance Honors Thesis research within the context of a discipline-specific Oxford University tutorial.

EXP 301. D.C. Flyers Program. 0 Hours

Experiential learning program administered by the University Honors Program offering summer internships in Washington D.C. across a wide variety of disciplines.

EXP 302. Berry Summer Thesis Institute. 0 Hours

Experiential learning program designed to advance Honors Thesis research for a cohort of rising juniors interested in commencing Honors thesis research a year before students typically initiate the thesis research process.

EXP 303. Global Flyers-London. 0 Hours

Experiential learning program administered by the University Honors Program offering summer internships in London across a wide variety of disciplines.

EXP 304. Global Flyers-India. 0 Hours

Experiential learning program administered by the University Honors Program emphasizing nutritional sustainability in India and involving rural homestays.

EXP 305. Summer Undergrad Research Experience. 0 Hours

EXP 306. Undergraduate Research Experience. 0 Hours

EXP 307. Semester of Service. 0 Hours

EXP 308. HSI Experiential Learning. 0 Hours

EXP 309. Clare Boothe Luce Scholars. 0 Hours

Initial semester of research experience for Honors students selected for the Clare Boothe Luce Scholars Program.

EXP 310. ISE Summer CoRPs Program. 0 Hours

ISE Summer CoRPs (Collaborative Research Projects) provides an opportunity for University of Dayton undergraduate students to conduct full-time summer research in the natural sciences, engineering and mathematics. Students are paired with two or three faculty co-mentors from different disciplines, with the team jointly researching a relevant challenge in STEM fields. The collaborative nature and co-mentorship model of the projects prepare students for future success by providing hands-on opportunities to work in multiple disciplines, to acquire broader perspectives on addressing research challenges, and to practice working as part of diverse teams toward a shared goal. Fellows also benefit from regular cohort programming that include professional development, social, and outreach activities.

EXP 350. Statehouse Civic Scholars. 0 Hours

Statehouse Civic Scholars Cohort. Students are placed in internships with governmental agencies and nonprofits in Columbus, Ohio and participate in a variety of career development exploration opportunities over an eight week period.

EXP 351. Malawi Practicum in Human Rights & Development. 0 Hours

Students participate in nine weeks of field research on human rights and development issues under the supervision of Matt Maroon, executive director of a Malawi based nongovernmental organization.

EXP 431. The Moral Courage Project. 0 Hours

This course is designed to prepare students to conduct fieldwork in El Paso, Texas as members of the Moral Courage Project research team. Through this process, we will develop skills that will support our work: interviewing, active listening, and operating audio recording devices, among others. The course will provide a framework for thinking about human rights and then delve deeply into specific areas that include media representation, visual culture, narrative, and storytelling. We will apply our learning of both method and content in specific contexts, and produce multimedia projects that feature the experiences and insights of community members active around human rights issues.

EXP 500. Responsible Conduct of Research. 0 Hours

The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training program provides an in-depth stud of core RCR topics including: research misconduct; conflicts of interest; data sharing, management and ownership; collaborative research; mentor/trainee relationships; responsible authorship and publication practices; peer review; human subjects protection; animal welfare; and, university policies affecting researchers at all levels. Topics are examined via online coursework, video examples, live training workshops and interactive case studies.

EXP 599. Graduate Student Summer Fellowship. 0 Hours

EXP 800. DPT in China. 0 Hours