Communication/Social Sciences


CMS 316. Intercultural Communication. 3 Hours

Study of interpersonal communication with emphasis on people from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds. Focus on the influence of culture on communication and language, verbal and non-verbal communication similarities and differences from culture to culture, the articulation of strategies for achieving successful intercultural communication, and the providing of solutions for intercultural miscommunication. Prerequisite(s): CMM 100 and Sophomore standing or higher.

CMS 414. Global Communication. 3 Hours

Introduction to the main topics in the field of global communication. Emphasis on comparative mass media and current issues in global communication. Will not satisfy humanities requirement.

CMS 415. Gender and Communication. 3 Hours

Seminar focusing on gender differences in communication, unique aspects to women's communication, and women's rhetoric, and providing solutions to gender and miscommunication. Current theory and research examined. Sophomore standing or higher. Prerequisite(s): CMM 100.