2021-2022 Academic Catalog



CLA 203. Classical Mythology. 3 Hours

An introduction to the principal cycles of Greek and Roman mythology, with emphasis on the influence of classical mythology upon the literature and art of the Western world.

CLA 330. Classical Mythology. 3 Hours

This course will examine the stories of gods and legendary heroes that were told in ancient Greece and Rome. Some of the topics we will discuss include: the creation of the universe, relations between gods and mortals, gender and sexuality, social structure, the family, love, madness, justice, and death. Our main objective will be to learn how to read myths not just as entertaining stories, but also as the Greeks and Romans might have done so in attempting to understand human nature and their own society. Prerequisites: HST 103, PHL 103 or REL 103.

CLA 350. Classical Literature in Translation. 3 Hours

Course to acquaint students not majoring or minoring in classical languages with Latin and Greek authors and literary movements. Conducted in English. Repeatable when subtitle and content change.